Custom collars for Dizzy and Rogue by Denice Langley
Belts, Buckles and Collars can be customized to show you
and your pets originality or to match a custom bag.  With
the options available for unlimited silver possibilities you
can have your Name, Initials, Brands, Dog Breeds, Stones,
Engraving patterns, literally anything you can think of. Call
or send an email and we can talk about your ideas.
Cell (970) 739-1118
*Collars feature shearling
lining for added comfort*
Custom agility and herding collars by Denice Langley
*Specialty Event Collars*
These collars are Macy (a competitive 'Herding' dog) and
Wyatt's (a competitive 'Agility' dog).  They feature custom
conchos that show the obstacles used in the agility class and
sheep and goats which are herded in the herding class.
in her fancy Christmas Collar
"Jet Racer"
"Robin Langley"
Custom collar by Denice Langley
Add your phone
number on Silver
Custom hummingbird belt (old school) by Denice Langley
Custom turquoise floral tooled belt by Denice Langley
Custom initial conchos on belt by Denice Langley
Custom belt with Bulldog buckle by Denice Langley
Cusotm collar w blue spinel stones on Jazzy by Denice Langley
"Jasmine aka Jazzy"
Jazzy's collar features metallic blue leather under
the silver spots as well as 4 custom conchos with
Blue Spinel stones in each.  There is also an oval
concho with her name at the top.  
Custom Lapis Lazuli belt by Denice Langley
This is called the
"Lapis Belt"
It's features
custom sterling
silver with Lapis
Lazuli stones.
A Great look with
jeans or even a
leather skirt!
*Now Accepting Visa, MC, Discover, AmEx, and Paypal*
Custom Collars by Denice Langley
Custom collar with turquoise concho by Denice Langley
Custom martingale style collar with floral tooling and turquosie filigree by Denice Langley
Custom collars for Cowgirl and Tex by Denice Langley
Custom Lapis Lazuli belt w smaller buckle by Denice Langley
*A smaller version*
Custom belt w holster by Denice Langley
Custom Archery belt by Denice Langley
* Vic's Belt*
This belt was custom designed using the customers design ideas and a few of my own.  It's for a professional Archer that has set 10
world records hunting with a bow and arrow.  He's a great customer and actually sent an authentic arrowhead that he wanted to use
as a shape for the larger conchos.  I then suggested putting the "Big 5" wild game he's taken in some of his many hunts all over the
world. While I'm not a hunter myself this project was a lot of fun to do.  Just goes to show that silver spots don't always need scallops
and can still such a Cool accent.  I did all the custom silver from solid sterling and love how it turned out!  Thanx Vic!  
Custom collar on Grunt by Denice Langley
How Beautiful is Grunt in
his custom collar with
sterling silver name? : )
*How to measure for your custom Belt*
To measure for your custom belt take a belt that you are comfortable wearing now and,
if you can, make sure the buckle that you'll use on your new belt is on it.  Then measure
from the fold where the buckle sits (right arrow) to the hole that your wear it in
comfortably (left arrow).  This lets me adjust the length of the fold over piece that holds
the buckle as well as the "tail" that extends beyond the buckle.  Easy as That!
Custom belt with turquoise buckle and Crocodile inlay by Denice Langley
Custom colorful floral tooled collar by Denice Langley
Custom Slip style collar with genuine Turquoise stones by Denice Langley
Custom belt with large custom silver and Turquoise buckle set by Denice Langley
Custom Belt and matching collar for Rosi with Rubies and Roses by Denice Langley
Custom Belt and matching Collar for "Rosi"
Rosi is a very special Border Collie that competes in several different events with her
'mom' Diana.  They needed a special set that showed the different components of her
events as well as her personality and some 'Bling'.  : )
You'll see the event conchos reflect the components while the buckles have the Roses to
reflect team "Rosi" without actually using her name, which you can't use during
competition.  Diana sent me images of Rosi's articles as well as her 'tack bag' that she uses
when she shows.  On the bag was a cute embroidered image of an old time airplane and
the phrase "Rosi the Riveter".  So without Diana saying anything about that I added the
tiny little airplane on the tips of both buckle sets.  Just one of the cute little details that
make it special.  The stones used are Chatam Rubies.
Good Luck Rosi and Diana!!  
Custom Agility collar by Denice Langley
Rojo in his fancy collar
Custom Story collar for Piper by Denice Langley
Pipers Collar
This is possibly my most extravagant
collar to date. It's 3" wide and is for
my precious whippet Piper. She will
go with me to shows and gets to be a
model for collars etc. : )
The silver on this collar is very
meaningful because each piece has an
image that is very special. Starting
with the first one being my first
whippet, Jet. A true soul mate. The
second is Robin and Sybil playing.
They were 2 greyhounds my mom and
I rescued though not from the track.
Of course Piper's name has wings and
halo because her reg name is Rylands
Simply an Angel.  Next to that is the
first image I saw of her with her mom
just 2 days after loosing Cessna who
is the image jumping for the frisbee.  
Each image tells a story and each pup
has touched my life and my heart in
ways that can't be put into words.
There are many more special pups as
well these are just the sight hounds
that are featured on this collar.  All the
silver including the buckle are solid
sterling and made by Me..
Custom Kennel collar by Denice Langley
Custom collar w roses on Piper by Denice Langley
Custom collars by Denice Langley
Custom Turquoise collar for Theodore by Denice Langley
Custom padded leash to match collars by Denice Langely
*Padded leash to match Turquoise collars*
Custom collars with custom silver work by Denice Langley
Custom Barrel Racing collar on Athena by Denice Langley
Custom collar with roses and a barrel racer by Denice Langley
Athena and her custom collar
jAthena's collar has
Red Roses and a
Barrel Racer..
Custom collars, leash and bronc halter by Denice Langley
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and Facebook..  Denice Langley Custom Leather
*Be sure to follow on Instagram.. @denicelangley and Facebook.. Denice Langley Custom Leather*

To see images that may not be on the website and projects that are currently in the works
Custom Turquoise collar for Zoe by Denice Langley
*McCoy's collar*
This collar has a custom
name plate and custom
sterling silver buckle that
features a Tennessee
Walking horse. McCoy will
be the star of the horse
Custom Butterfly buckle and belt by Denice Langley
Custom Butterfly belt by Denice Langley
Dubbed *The Most Beautiful Belt on the Planet* by it's owner...
Who am I to argue!?  This belt is an All Time Favorite of mine and features my first ever 3D Butterfly on the buckle.  Loved making it and knew it would be very
special to Kathleen.  She has the awesome Butterfly chaps to match.  The buckle also has another new technique for me with the raised diamond shape that the
main stone sits on.  Genuine Lapis Lazuli and my own engraving round out a wonderful project.  Oh, not to mention the custom tooled belt to match the chaps
with  Bluebells, Butterflies and lots of silver spots!  I'm just sure this one brings her luck in the showring.  
Custom buckle w a Brand, elk ivory, and 2 bullet cassings by Denice Langley
Mark's Custom Buckle
On the left is a custom sterling silver buckle done for a friend that is an
avid hunter and does guided hunts he designs for Veterans.  A special
guy on a special mission to help others...
His buckle is sold sterling silver and features his Brand, an Elk Ivory,
and 2 bullets casings donated by a close friend, my nephew, Desmond..
Custom metallic collars by Denice Langley
Platinum Piper &
24k Jewel
These collars look just like Silver and Gold!
Custom sunflowers and ladybug collar by Denice Langley
Custom Red collar for Ziva by Denice Langley
Collars and Belts
can be pretty much
anything you can think of
including lettering, color,
stones, custom silver
work, or even leather that
looks like Metal!  Sky's
the limit!
Or more accurately
Imagination is the Limit
Custom collar with turquoise and hare conchos by Denice Langley
Custom collar w turquoise and silver conchos on Jada by Denice Langley
Beautiful Jada
in her fancy collar
Custom collar / neckpiece with Turquoise pendant by Denice Langley
Custom collar for Balou and bracelets by Denice Langley
Collar for 'Pearl'
w Genuine Pearls!
*Custom Harnesses*
These harnesses are made to measure but still adjustable
and most of all comfortable for your pup whether they
are a service dog or your favorite companion..
*The Ultimate Slip Leash/Collar*
These are the most Amazing leash collar
combinations ever!  There are 2 sliding
'keepers' that adjust the amount the collar
with tighten as well as how big the loop is to
fit over your dogs head.  You put it over
their head and you have a collar and leash all
in one. It will fit literally ANY dog of any
size in an instant. There are many versions
out there but these are very exclusive with a
plain or stamped overlay over a padded soft
leather bottom piece.  They have Great 'feel'
in your hand and are incredibly strong and
durable. Custom silver can be added to have
your dogs name, your name, initials, phone
number, anything you'd like! It will be your
favorite dog accessory in No Time!
Watercolor and Inlay